Ciao!, Homemade salsa is always much better than what you buy at the store actually there is no comparison between them. Salsa is the Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Turkish (salça) term for sauce. In English-speaking countries, salsa usually refers to the sauces typical of Mexican cuisine known as salsas picantes, particularly those used as dips.

Homemade salsaSalsa is a raw, vegan and vegetarian healthy food, often a tomato-based sauce or dip that is a heterogeneous mixture includes additional ingredients such as onions, chilies, beans, corn, and various spices. It is typically piquant, ranging from mild to extremely spicy, yes who doesn’t like spicy!. Here is an absolutely easy recipe, that you can enjoy with a bag of chips at your home.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Serving: 4 persons

Homemade sauce


  1. Five mid-size tomatoes
  2. One-half mid-size onion chopped (red is better)
  3. One-half cup of cilantro or Italian parsley.
  4. Pinch of Cayenne pepper.
  5. One mid-size serrano pepper ( jalapeno is Ok too)
  6. One lemon
  7. pinch of salt
  8. two cloves of minced garlic (peeled)


  • Put the tomatoes in the blender
  • Then add the chopped onions, minced garlic, and the cilantro
  • Blend for several seconds ( do not blend too much, you need to keep your salsa chunky)
  • Squeeze the lemon on top, then add 2-3 pinches of salt, 2-3 pinches of cayenne pepper.
  • Mix again then add the serrano or jalapeno, blend again for several seconds (pulses is better)
  • Transfer to a  tight, clean, and dry jar and keep for future use.

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